Bercarbon OÜ started from year 2007 on the base of ELVI-Aqua OÜ and we are dealing with the following: equipmend and materials for treatment of liquid and gases

  • activated carbons
  • anthracite, quartz sand, zeolit ja silica gel from the company Evers
  • dosing pumps with accessories and centrifugal pumps for chemicals and
  • dosing equipment for gas chlorine and chlor dioxide from the company Jesco
  • UV disinfecting from the company Trojan
  • pneumatic sealing bags from the company Vetter
e-mail: jaak(at)bercarbon.ee 

We are happy to offer you a pleasurable stay on the beach by the Mediterranean Sea in Cabo Roig,  Spain.

Wir berichten euch von einem schönen Urlaub am warmen Mittelmeerstrand in Spanien in dem wunderschönen Ort Cabo Roig.


Keywords and comments:

  • Drinking, technological and waste water treatment : consulting, equipment and materials water, drinking water, process water, technological water, waste water, water treatment, water purification, water filtration, water disinfecting
  • Activated carbon and other filter materials
    for purification of liquids and gases from organic mater –
    – water treatment
    – food production : vodka, soft drinks, sugar, cooking oil etc
    – pharmaceutical production
    – chemical production etc
    activated carbon, adsorption, adsorber, reactivation, anthracite, zeolite, zeolith, silica gel
  • Dosing equipment for gases, liguid and dry materials from the company Jesco
    for dosing of dry materials, liquids and gases –
    – water treatment: chlorinating with chlorine gas or chemicals, adding of coagulants, floculants or polymers, regulating of pH-value
    – food production
    – chemical production
    – power stations and boiler houses etc.
    dosing, metering, pumps, dosing pumps, metering pumps, chemical pumps, diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, diaphragm-piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, chemical pumps, chemical centrifugal pumps, chlorine, chlorinating, chlorine gas, desinfecting of water with chlorine, vacuum chlorinators, chlorine analyse, chlorine dioxide
  • Sealing and lifting bags from the company Vetter
    – for rescue service and fire brigades
    – for closing and testing of water pipelines during building or reconstructions,
    – for lifting of heavy conctruction,
    – for relocating machines etc.