Bercarbon OÜ started from year 2007 and we are dealing with the following: equipmend and materials for treatment of liquid and gases

  • activated carbons
  • anthracite, quartz sand, zeolit ja silica gel from the company Evers
  • dosing pumps with accessories and centrifugal pumps for chemicals and
  • dosing equipment for gas chlorine and chlor dioxide from the company Jesco
  • UV disinfecting from the company Trojan
  • pneumatic sealing bags from the company Vetter
e-mail: jaak(at)bercarbon.ee 

Keywords and comments:

  • Drinking, technological and waste water treatment : consulting, equipment and materials water, drinking water, process water, technological water, waste water, water treatment, water purification, water filtration, water disinfecting
  • Activated carbon and other filter materials
    for purification of liquids and gases from organic mater –
    – water treatment
    – food production : vodka, soft drinks, sugar, cooking oil etc
    – pharmaceutical production
    – chemical production etc
    activated carbon, adsorption, adsorber, reactivation, anthracite, zeolite, zeolith, silica gel
  • Dosing equipment for gases, liguid and dry materials from the company Jesco
    for dosing of dry materials, liquids and gases –
    – water treatment: chlorinating with chlorine gas or chemicals, adding of coagulants, floculants or polymers, regulating of pH-value
    – food production
    – chemical production
    – power stations and boiler houses etc.
    dosing, metering, pumps, dosing pumps, metering pumps, chemical pumps, diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, diaphragm-piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, chemical pumps, chemical centrifugal pumps, chlorine, chlorinating, chlorine gas, desinfecting of water with chlorine, vacuum chlorinators, chlorine analyse, chlorine dioxide
  • Sealing bags from the company Vetter